2012 Cambridge Judge MBA Essay Questions, Tips

11 Nov* and 14 Nov 2011

Essay 1: What are the key issues facing organizations in your sector over the next three years? What course of action would you recommend to such organizations? (300 words)

The latter part should align with Judge’s practical approach that encompasses workshops, seminars, lectures, discussion groups, team and individual projects, and their tradition of lively debate. For example, why is this approach important for you?  Does the presence of nearly 50 nationalities from a wide range of sectors and small class size matter to you? And so on.


Although the question limits your course of action to the upcoming three years, you can certainly frame it in terms of where you see the sector ultimately heading, thereby reflecting your own long-term vision.

20 Apr* and 23 Apr 2012

Founded in 1990, the Judge Business School at University of Cambridge has powered its way up the international rankings, mainly because of its strength in entrepreneurship, particularly in technology and the sciences. A deeply collaborative school, it enjoys strong ties to the many companies in Cambridge’s high-tech cluster.

Essay 2: What did you learn from your most spectacular failure? (200 words)

19 Jan 2012 23 Sep 2011 11 Nov 2011

Note the word “spectacular;” a strong word meant to elicit a strong response. How you face and process failure is an important gauge of your management capacities and ability to learn. This essay is also a sterling opportunity to display your self-awareness: do not shy away from writing about a serious (i.e. spectacular) failure. Perhaps more important than the failure itself is the lessons learnt. And if you can show how you have implemented the lessons, then you should have a winning essay. This is a tall order for 200 words, so brevity is the key. Describe the situation. What lessons did you learn? Have they somehow been “validated?

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20 Apr 2012 10 Feb*, 20 Feb and 27 Feb 2012

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26 Apr 2012 Round 2 2 Mar 2012 14 Jun 2012 Round 1

The classic MBA goals question: Where are you going? How (and why) will you get there? How will an MBA, and Judge, enable you? This straightforward essay will put your career – past, present and future – into perspective and explain why you are applying to Judge. The task here is to clearly map out your career development within the context of your professional goals, while also linking the Judge MBA with your future. Illustrating a logical, credible link between your career to-date, your goals and Judge, is the key to this essay.

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The 2012 Cambridge Judge essay questions are unchanged from 2011 and we have made only minor changes to the tips.

6 Jan 2012

This is your chance to succinctly display your strategic prowess and management savvy. By analyzing the key issues faced by your sector, you can illustrate your knowledge of the industry as well as where you believe it may –or should– be heading. Your advice should reflect your strategic vision. Given Judge’s highly practical learning style, your approach should be the same.

What are your short and long term career objectives? What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them? What do you hope to gain from the degree and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have? (Please do not exceed 500 words)

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Essay 3:

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