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The current world is an analog world where work is being done at the click of a button. In today’s world, information technology is no more of simple assistance to the people, it is pure requirement. The enormous tide of information technology that hit the world, has seen many people looking towards computer programming as a rewarding career option.

Therefore, it is obvious that computer programming is being looked at as a blooming career opportunity. Computer programming is like a game of golf which is usually taught by examples. Computers are being used everywhere like hotels, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, libraries, energy sectors and lots of other places.

Requirements for being a Computer Programmer

First of all, let’s take a look at the educational and other requirements for computer programmer. To work as a programmer one must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or mathematics. Computer programmer is one of the highest paying career paths which one can enter having bachelor’s degree in above mentioned subjects. Along with this one must be strong in algorithms.

To generate a computer do whatever, one has to write a computer program and for that one has to tell the computer step by step instructions for getting an exact output. These step by step instructions are known as algorithms. So, one must be very strong in writing these algorithms for executing a successful program. Computer programming is the study of analytical and practical foundation for the development of computers and their application. The study involves factors such as algorithms, flow charts, diagrams, programming system analysis, interface and software development related field.

Opportunities for a Computer Programmer

There are numerous programming jobs worldwide. Demand for programming jobs is huge because so many business and other industries are using software applications. Individuals in information technology industry generally specialize in one deep area such as database management, software application development, web development or computer network systems. Skilled programmers who stay up to date with the technology and changes in the latest versions of programming languages have good future for progress. Same is applicable for those who have specialized knowledge and experience.

Depending on his skills and performance computer programmer writing service may be promoted to lead programmer in large companies. Some application programmers move into system programming. The person who has general business experience such as knowledge of banking domain or any other domains may become programmer analyst or system analyst and can also be employed to managerial positions. The experienced programmers may also work in research and development areas. Following is the list of some career opportunities for programmer:
-IT specialist
–Research Scientist
-Software Engineers
-Technical Writer
-Database Developer

Some Promising Professions for Computer Programmers

Web Page Designing

Various languages such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and JavaScript are used for creating web pages. This HTML language is the ruling markup language in which other programming languages can be encapsulated. The powerful features on websites can be created by using JavaScript. The role of web programmer is to develop or create a webpage for clients for running their business. Web page designing job is the front end part of website development including its visual forms using flash which is animation software. The examples of web page designing are WebPages of travelling offices, pharmaceuticals WebPages etc.

Operating Systems Programmer

Operating system programming widely known as OS programming is one of the lucrative programming job. There are many stable operating systems that are widely used in both servers and workstations. Developing a server using operating system simply requires the man hours to build it and the hardware to install it. A study and job as OS Programmer gives the base in building one kind of server.

Database Programmer

Where there is a computer, there are database developers. This is the most money-making job in computer industry. The main role of database programmer is to maintain and take responsibility of new and existing database. It also includes testing and developing database, gathering the required data and ensuring they continue function properly. Also, fixing any errors found in the programming and managing any security issue.

Software Developers

The task of software developer is to write codes for any desktop application or any web based application. For creating or developing any software application one should have good knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby etc. If one really likes to play with codes then this job is ideal.

Despite the recession, the careers of computer programmers are here to stay. With good salaries and huge scope for growth the future is very bright for those into computer programming.

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