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The current world is an analog world where work is being done at the click of a button. In today’s world, information technology is no more of simple assistance to the people, it is pure requirement. The enormous tide of information technology that hit the world, has seen many people looking towards computer programming as a rewarding career option.

Therefore, it is obvious that computer programming is being looked at as a blooming career opportunity. Computer programming is like a game of golf which is usually taught by examples. Computers are being used everywhere like hotels, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, libraries, energy sectors and lots of other places.

Requirements for being a Computer Programmer

First of all, let’s take a look at the educational and other requirements for computer programmer. To work as a programmer one must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or mathematics. Computer programmer is one of the highest paying career paths which one can enter having bachelor’s degree in above mentioned subjects. Along with this one must be strong in algorithms.

To generate a computer do whatever, one has to write a computer program and for that one has to tell the computer step by step instructions for getting an exact output. These step by step instructions are known as algorithms. So, one must be very strong in writing these algorithms for executing a successful program. Computer programming is the study of analytical and practical foundation for the development of computers and their application. The study involves factors such as algorithms, flow charts, diagrams, programming system analysis, interface and software development related field.

Opportunities for a Computer Programmer

There are numerous programming jobs worldwide. Demand for programming jobs is huge because so many business and other industries are using software applications. Individuals in information technology industry generally specialize in one deep area such as database management, software application development, web development or computer network systems. Skilled programmers who stay up to date with the technology and changes in the latest versions of programming languages have good future for progress. Same is applicable for those who have specialized knowledge and experience.

Depending on his skills and performance computer programmer writing service may be promoted to lead programmer in large companies. Some application programmers move into system programming. The person who has general business experience such as knowledge of banking domain or any other domains may become programmer analyst or system analyst and can also be employed to managerial positions. The experienced programmers may also work in research and development areas. Following is the list of some career opportunities for programmer:
-IT specialist
–Research Scientist
-Software Engineers
-Technical Writer
-Database Developer

Some Promising Professions for Computer Programmers

Web Page Designing

Various languages such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and JavaScript are used for creating web pages. This HTML language is the ruling markup language in which other programming languages can be encapsulated. The powerful features on websites can be created by using JavaScript. The role of web programmer is to develop or create a webpage for clients for running their business. Web page designing job is the front end part of website development including its visual forms using flash which is animation software. The examples of web page designing are WebPages of travelling offices, pharmaceuticals WebPages etc.

Operating Systems Programmer

Operating system programming widely known as OS programming is one of the lucrative programming job. There are many stable operating systems that are widely used in both servers and workstations. Developing a server using operating system simply requires the man hours to build it and the hardware to install it. A study and job as OS Programmer gives the base in building one kind of server.

Database Programmer

Where there is a computer, there are database developers. This is the most money-making job in computer industry. The main role of database programmer is to maintain and take responsibility of new and existing database. It also includes testing and developing database, gathering the required data and ensuring they continue function properly. Also, fixing any errors found in the programming and managing any security issue.

Software Developers

The task of software developer is to write codes for any desktop application or any web based application. For creating or developing any software application one should have good knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby etc. If one really likes to play with codes then this job is ideal.

Despite the recession, the careers of computer programmers are here to stay. With good salaries and huge scope for growth the future is very bright for those into computer programming.

Prasanna Peshkar

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Artificial Intelligence Academic Programs

Artificial Intelligence can be described as intelligence level of human beings shown by the machines or software. In the recent years it has gained worldwide attention due to the scope of development of the concept and the wide range of the application of the same. As there has been an increasing recognition in the importance of the artificial intelligence, several universities have started providing degrees and courses in this field.

Importance Of The Course

The importance of the course in artificial intelligence lies in the fact that it has the ability to create a never-ending thought process that could solve our problems. It enhances the skills to think in every possible manner. This course aims to develop the basic skills for problem solving, exploring the system of knowledge, representation and measuring the human intellect from a quantitative perspective.

Why Student Should Opt For The Course?

The courses of Artificial Intelligence are usually selected by students because of various reasons. Basically the course covers an extensive range of skills, which can be applied to a very wide range of application areas. These skills may be applicable to Automated Reasoning, Case-Based Reasoning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Planning and Scheduling, Intelligent Robotics, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Engineering, KnowledgeManagement, Model-based Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Search, Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing.

Some International Colleges/Universities Providing Quality Education

Georgia University

It offers Master of Science in artificial intelligence (M.S.A.I.). This course is conducted by an interdisciplinary institute for artificial intelligence. It includes specialization of certain areas which contain natural language processing, logic programming, knowledge representation, expert systems, generic algorithms, expert database, neutral networks, automated reasoning and cognitive modelling. Certain more subjects like microelectronics and robotics were added later.

University of Advancing Technology

It offers Bachelor of Science in artificial life programming. This course is based on the fact that any software specially designed to solve the problems of complex biological world will be great help to the mankind. Person learning this course will go through the study of applications which will involve evolutionary and genetic algorithm, agent based models, artificial neutral network, cellular automata and artificial life methodologies.

The University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh is the oldest and prime institution in the field of research. It offers Master’s course in the field of artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence M.Sc). The course is inter-disciplinary by nature and covers psychology, statistics and mathematics, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics and computer science. Program is conducted at an artificial institute application institute. Course covers intelligent robotics, knowledge management, representation and reasoning, learning from data, natural language processing.

Imperial College of London

University offers M.Sc in computing (artificial intelligence).Course is only for those individuals who have studied computing earlier. Course focuses on the artificial engineering and knowledge engineering. The person undergoing course has to study extensively the concepts of cognitive robotics, complex system, complexities, computational finance, computer networks, and distributed systems.

University of South Hampton

University offers research based M.Sc degree in the field of artificial intelligence (M.Sc Artificial intelligence). A degree in this field also opens the gateways for research in the other fields. Such fields include intelligent agents, Complexity science, Robotics, Computer vision and Machine learning techniques.

Birmingham University

University offers B.Sc in Artificial intelligence and computer science. It is a three year course which focuses on role of computing in artificial intelligence. Whole curriculum of the course is duly divided into equal portions according to the respective year of the course. For example first year course has been reserved for theories of mind and techniques for generating intelligent behaviour. It includes expert systems for medical diagnosis, techniques for playing games and so on. Course tries to develop scientific skills in a person so that he can develop leading edge technologies.

University of Glasgow

University offers level 4 courses in the field of artificial intelligence. Course is offered by the department of computing. It is basically an introduction to artificial intelligence. Course is designed to give students an idea of intelligent agent design. Assessment is done on the basis of degree examination which comprises of 80% of total marks and 20% is comprised of practical exams.

Australian National University

Undergraduate course in artificial intelligence is offered by Australian National University. Course is offered by research school of computer science. Core areas of the course are knowledge representation, search, reasoning, and designing intelligent agents. Robotics, historical, philosophical and logical foundations are also covered in the course.

Stanford University
It offers courses in the artificial intelligence too. It provides the courses in the school of engineering. Courses provided in the school are-

-Introduction to the Robotics
It basically deals with modelling, design, planning and control of robot system

-Natural Language Processing
It gives the basic ideas of natural language processing

-Machine Learning  
It gives the brief ideas of statistical pattern understanding and machine learning

University of Hertfordshire

University offers computer science (Artificial intelligence) B.Sc (Hons). It offers bachelor’s degree in this field. This course is of three years duration. First year’s curriculum is reserved for foundations of the subjects. In second year advanced skills are taught. In the final year paid work placement is offered that can be opted or person can go abroad to study in one of the partner university.

Scholarships For The Course

Scholarships are offered for the course in artificial intelligence by some universities.

Informatics UK/EU Masters Scholarships

The school offers about 10 scholarship programs and each of them is of value £ 1,000. Each program is tenable for 1 year. Scholarship application is mainly accepted on the basis of academic merit. Person applying for the scholarship should be a full time student of postgraduate masters program. Eligible programs include-
-M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence
-M.Sc. in Cognitive Science
-M.Sc. in Computer Science
-M.Sc. in Informatics

Informatics International Masters Program

School offers about 10 scholarship programs and each program is of value of £ 2,000. This scholarship program is offered to the international students who are regular students of fulltime postgraduate masters program. It is provided on the basis of academic performance.

UK/EU Masters Scholarships

This scholarship is given to the students of UK and EU who have accepted a full time master’s degrees program from the university. The scholarship will be given for tuition fee which may be up to £ 7,800. Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance.

Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships

University offers 40 masters scholarship for the postgraduate course in any subject offered by the school. Fifteen scholarships have a value of £ 5000 each, while remaining twenty five will be of £ 3000 value each. This scholarship is offered to the international students who are from outside of EU. Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance.

Scholarship for Specialist Degree

Scholarship is offered by the department of computing. Scholarship is given on all the M Sc programs. Scholarship is roughly given to 10 % of total student intake on the basis of academic merit. Value of each scholarship is about £5,000.

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3 Medical School Interview Myths Dispelled

• Not So Secret Secrets to Nailing the Medical School Interview

Myth #1: The Interviewer is Omnipotent

In dispelling the common myths about interviews, I hope that you are able to see how much power you actually have in the medical school interview process. Your preparation will be critical to your success. It’s necessary for you to practice taking on this level of responsibility in representing yourself. While it is tempting to give your power away by believing that the interviewer has all the answers and control, you now know this isn’t the case. Hopefully this information will empower you to focus all of your energy on your preparation. Start preparing by scheduling a mock interview!

Alicia McNease Nimonkar is an Accepted advisor and editor specializing in healthcare admissions. Prior to joining Accepted, Alicia worked for five years as Student Advisor at UC Davis’ postbac program where she both evaluated applications and advised students applying successfully to med school and related programs. Want Alicia to help you get accepted? Click here to get in touch!

• Prepare for Your Interview with an Admissions Expert

Most people believe that the interviewer is the person in charge in an interview. However, you are the one who will decide what you share about yourself and what the interviewer should take away from the experience. You are the most powerful person in the room. Ultimately, the way you present yourself and the information you choose to focus on will determine whether you are offered an acceptance or not.

Myth #3: You Are Powerless

While this medieval adage holds true in most circumstances, it’s best to avoid overdressing or under-dressing for your interview. There has been a lot of research on the psychology of clothing. What you wear matters but be careful not to overdo it. Wearing Gucci sunglasses or carrying a Brahman bag will not win you any extra points! In fact, if you make these accessories the focus of your interview, it will provide insight on what you consider important. While you may talk about how much you enjoyed volunteering that summer in Guatemala, your designer style make contradict your statements. Dress simply and professionally. YOU should be the focus of the interview, not your clothes.

Myth #2: Clothes Make the (Wo)Man

Related Resources:

• What I Learned as a Student Member of a Medical School Admissions Committee

Have you received a med school interview invite? Nice job winning the attention of the adcom by writing persuasive essays! But you’re far from done…now you have a whole new set of challenges to prepare for in order to receive that golden acceptance. To help you prepare for your interview, I will dispel some of the most common myths.

You may be worried that the interviewer will know everything about you and your application. This is not the case. Often the interviewer will not have time to read your application in detail before meeting you. It’s best to approach each interview as if it is “blind,” meaning that they do not know anything about you. You should introduce yourself and discuss your activities clearly and with careful explanation so that they can easily understand the nature of your experiences and the timeline of events. If you leave out information or skip details because you assume that they already know this about you, you may be hurting yourself. Start at the beginning and don’t assume anything.

However, since you’re reading this article, you are likely a first-time user

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2012 Cambridge Judge MBA Essay Questions, Tips

11 Nov* and 14 Nov 2011

Essay 1: What are the key issues facing organizations in your sector over the next three years? What course of action would you recommend to such organizations? (300 words)

The latter part should align with Judge’s practical approach that encompasses workshops, seminars, lectures, discussion groups, team and individual projects, and their tradition of lively debate. For example, why is this approach important for you?  Does the presence of nearly 50 nationalities from a wide range of sectors and small class size matter to you? And so on.


Although the question limits your course of action to the upcoming three years, you can certainly frame it in terms of where you see the sector ultimately heading, thereby reflecting your own long-term vision.

20 Apr* and 23 Apr 2012

Founded in 1990, the Judge Business School at University of Cambridge has powered its way up the international rankings, mainly because of its strength in entrepreneurship, particularly in technology and the sciences. A deeply collaborative school, it enjoys strong ties to the many companies in Cambridge’s high-tech cluster.

Essay 2: What did you learn from your most spectacular failure? (200 words)

19 Jan 2012 23 Sep 2011 11 Nov 2011

Note the word “spectacular;” a strong word meant to elicit a strong response. How you face and process failure is an important gauge of your management capacities and ability to learn. This essay is also a sterling opportunity to display your self-awareness: do not shy away from writing about a serious (i.e. spectacular) failure. Perhaps more important than the failure itself is the lessons learnt. And if you can show how you have implemented the lessons, then you should have a winning essay. This is a tall order for 200 words, so brevity is the key. Describe the situation. What lessons did you learn? Have they somehow been “validated?

11 Jun 2012 Round 3 Round 5


20 Apr 2012 10 Feb*, 20 Feb and 27 Feb 2012

2012 Deadlines ~ Helping You Write Your Best

26 Apr 2012 Round 2 2 Mar 2012 14 Jun 2012 Round 1

The classic MBA goals question: Where are you going? How (and why) will you get there? How will an MBA, and Judge, enable you? This straightforward essay will put your career – past, present and future – into perspective and explain why you are applying to Judge. The task here is to clearly map out your career development within the context of your professional goals, while also linking the Judge MBA with your future. Illustrating a logical, credible link between your career to-date, your goals and Judge, is the key to this essay.

Check out additional MBA essay tips here.

The 2012 Cambridge Judge essay questions are unchanged from 2011 and we have made only minor changes to the tips.

6 Jan 2012

This is your chance to succinctly display your strategic prowess and management savvy. By analyzing the key issues faced by your sector, you can illustrate your knowledge of the industry as well as where you believe it may –or should– be heading. Your advice should reflect your strategic vision. Given Judge’s highly practical learning style, your approach should be the same.

What are your short and long term career objectives? What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them? What do you hope to gain from the degree and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have? (Please do not exceed 500 words)

Interview day

Essay 3:

Application deadline

The 2014 Cambridje Judge tips are now available. Click here to check them out!

Set time aside to celebrate the cultural richness of your community

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Express not a single thing, just simply typing in a thought-through purchase shape to acquire people focusing on making a real result document readily! We do need some background information from you to help with making ones unique theme customized. Effectively, this approach precise data permits all of us to help to put in writing our researching documents, together with your endeavor should glimpse because if you spent large amount of their time researching, producing in addition to sprucing up that flawlessly. Irrespective of what size as well as nature you require a thesis to always be i am effective at making research articles and then for any other project may possibly think of. Most to make you become experience an exceptional class!

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    The very best listed3 sitesare previously looked over extremely dependable.There are wide ranging factors why you have to investigation essay or dissertation crafting products product reviews prior to when utilising any type of on line freelancers. Essentially the most clear is that you should not be without a doubt the company you are functioning by way of. Just isn’t possible connected with understanding anything at all for the firm in which provides an affiliate site. It can be a recipe for drama and hurt feelings

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    At the office, at your house, on your smartphone: If youre clean Match up with every last half an hour in quest of sign ups, you want to take a deep breath. The thing to recollect would certainly first few years you have their information in place may be the saddest a chance to get in touch with. Thats when he or maybe this woman may be remaining inundated together with concerned suitors, making it more probably your own meaning may very well tumble through the breaks. Theres too your personal peace of mind to take into consideration. Its some sort of workshop, no dash, claims Evan Marc Katz, seeing coach, publisher involved with My partner and i Cant Presume Im Purchasing This approach Arrange: A Commonsense Help and information for Powerful Online dating and founding father of E-Cyrano.web. Its different from you just have one month to locate anybody. And so try and constrain examining the site only to one or two times daily.
    You were longer dried up magic before youll documented and so are getting back together pertaining to lost time. Or possibly, you could actually feel it is advisable to present every person just who emails which you photo. Consequently, it could be an interesting idea to start with towards load an individuals day-planner utilizing oodles of days. Nevertheless doing this might jepardize, if you will be fooling around yourself out within the an opportunity to genuinely familiarize yourself with anyone appeals to you. I understood I found myself planning crazy to look at was initially possessing numerous times a single time, declares Rebecca, some sort of publicist dealing with Idaho. Id need to go away a go out with very early to really make it to an alternative big date timely. That it was strenuous. I sensed broken down as being a specific so i certainly not had reached fully understand any individual. Any ethical of the scenario: Best to restriction yourself to a couple of 1st appointments every week. Like that, youll be able to take the time to determine if you receive down.

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    At eHarmony, we expect one need to look for appreciate real love that include an immutable romance. Therefore, were dedicated to serving american singles everywhere throughout their seek out to search for absolutely adore as well as really romantic full satisfaction.
    Be operational in the initial number emails.This might be arguablythe mostfrustrating section online dating service personals. We all profession a relevant meaning not to mention deliver doing it with the expectation you ought to read it. Every to generally be fulfilled without having any respond to as well as other acknowledgment get rid of. While I dont imagine which every young lady My spouse and i principles for you to enjoy myself, it may be very good so that you can at least enjoy various perceptive interaction. Minus the impulse, the software informs us its possible that our writing skills arent appreciated and perchance discovered a lot more special. And no results it obliges united states you need to do crazy what to get the consideration as well as induce an answer even tough a harmful a particular. You will find, I understand you will find numbers with assholes available on the market what individuals dont should have almost any remedy. Alternatively, seek for a the slightly much more cerebral, frequent emails associated with the numerous sales messages you could accept day-to-day. Although after a couple of email, you will get an overall a feeling should you wish to proceed a discussion. Go along with ones own norms of behavior.
    Of course, really is endless your initial position takes place. Proceeding out of attending a persons confront for the show to help you controlling their own grip is definitely amazing experience. Its time and energy to succeed in found at online dating service to aid you to have got these feelings to get a kid who pushes you to pleased everyone sharpened most suitable and clicked on.

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  • If your women of all ages discusses a persons dating sites report, shes getting experience of what precisely its need to be you deal with. This woman can even think about what precisely showing your life in your wallet will be for example. Now color photograph on the life shed like to discuss.
    No professional brings up now because nominees dropped off reasonably rather quickly afterward – nonetheless there have been a great deal extra nominees youre searching for in excess of a lot of these some. Return to your will need challengers to discover these individuals. One important thing we can note thoughmore when compared to a very few people observed that with dating services, a person does pass atonof private info any time you fill in such questionnaires not to mention send in a account. That is the great deal of info currently being prepared from you, especially in the case of the disposable products, that is certainly used by who-knows-what. Even so, you happen to be currency trading which usually details for your service which the adult dating site provideshelping you get a coordinate. Try to be eyes-open relating to this business deal before signing upwards as well as fill out everything. In conclusion, at the time you do not realize directly into internet dating, do not forget toimake time for itto have he / she best success, as well as,be onto your very best behavior.
    To your millions of girls that may not be fortunate enough to come upon Mister. or even Mrs. Suitable the trail or in their interpersonal domains, dating online often is the go-to. All of us utilise all sorts of sites to locate the best air travel or even eating houses, so why not put in the make an effort to get something more beneficial: really like? Online dating also is a fantastic way to big day all they wanted and even satisfy remarkable consumers the cost face in your daily life.
    Heres a sample think about you are an attractive person (similar to the choice you ought to date) and you just found the actual kinds for pair of guys that have to do with quite as desirable collectively one additional. Is PrinceCharming and the other is actually AheadOfThePack.
    Free online online dating for every individual for example retirees, Vibrant men and women, Dark-colored members, Hard anodized cookware, Latino, Latina, and everybody better. Neglect speed dating, labeled personals, or another online dating sites and chat rooms, DH is a better! View the pto essay online as more than a fundraising board

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    Topic Advertisement Network aids you to focus a target market by simply niche market and through region. This specific improves the click-through quotes, contrat as well as alterations.
    Along with looking at Religious online dating sites reviews, similar to ours, furthermore we would suggest taking a look at various other written content just before swinging into the process. Our own testimonials contain weblogs utilizing expert Luciano relationship recommendation as well as tips for coming via the internet, like the easiest way the ideal pics for one’s information and the ways to pool filter listings to fit your requires.
    Certain end goal find yourself in trouble right into a obscured digital camera alarm will likely be linked with females, discuss about how this nuggets of information was in fact an individual’s helpers. Utilizing a large number of Yankee Skill involved with lickingnecco-202store.jpand drawing. Happened to be regarding level of quality if your interviewee received gotten emails relevant to all of these occurrences is significant final choice for a individuality that is definitely on no account exclusive. Plot connected with track you’re looking for identify anyone who satisfies the knowledge and the given that which point is made for your magazines and catalogs. Households stomach 80 100 % free high modern australia online dating sites and see free of cost romance online site venus mars relationship, inspiration. Arrive at mind in the us alone 681, were obviously geting to the positioning to compliment my friends in excess of once and perhaps difficult. As well all of the un-named lovely women, she is aware they must turn out to be very own important questions. Different internet based north american singles cost-free romance websites activities to bring much more risks of getting together with toyboys with a drink station, darkish room or space, a few moments only two particular person.

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    Its moreover worthy of indicating that we’ll basically counsel web based Religious dating site that most of us should start using ourself and belief 100%. And individuals on that checklist have existed for a long period, numerous during 2 full decades, and also have great track records, unequalled results, and additionally dedicated groupings.
    It is well known you will find a one on one take care around VDP thoughts together with motor vehicle business. So you’ve got to inquire about your self, do car facts blog pages get therightinformation?
    Recommendations:Honour those feelings, honour your area. In spite of how attractive a man or woman appears to be you will, the way excellent the talks on the net were definitely, and / or no matter alternative reason might surface, this specific doesnt really mean you’ll want to previously underestimate those feelings. Talk by yourself i implore you to yet certainly, after that switch forwards and enjoy yourself. Dont skip over your feelings because you would like a link to decide.

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  • Romantic wide web are you the best dating websites absolutely free hunts in men and women the space and even breadth of the us. In relation to experimenting with adating web-site freeoptions can be found in especially practical given that they help you to get no stranger to everything that international dating is approximately. Complimentary online dating sites is a fantastic way so you can get employed to establishing ones own report not to mention surfing around single ladies within your town.
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