Strategies for Others

Unlocking Hidden (dis)Abilities…

As corollary sessions to our Corporate Services, LMS conducts Business & Residential Organization Training to develop good habits, best practices, and systems to maximize productivity and help ensure personal achievement and success.  These workshops are the “Missing Links” of education that were never received from traditional school environments.

These include skill development in:

  • Time Management
  • Filing and Document Management
  • Storage Design and Systems
  • Space Planning
  • Clutter Control
  • Cognitive & Behaviorial Strategies
  • Planning Upcoming Projects
  • Personal and Professional Goal Setting
  • Financial Responsibility/Budgeting Skills
Self Defense Classes and Other Programs


Finally, Life Management Strategies, LLC offers elective training in Self Defense for two groups, Training for Women, and Pro-Active Self Defense Training for Senior Citizens.

These initiatives focus on not only physical self-defense techniques and skills, but also in maintaining safe environments where we live, tapping into the internal skills and gifts, financial self protection, as well as verbal self defense and self esteem development.

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