Behavior Monitor Plan


This plan is ideal for the family who needs less direct coaching but wants to maintain an on-going dialogue with their LMS Coach.

The focus will be on the continued maintenance of a behavior modification and management program. Special attention will be given to helping family members maintain a positive attitude and continue to move forward despite challenges that my arise.

Choose the Behavior Monitoring Plan if you want to:

  • Take more ownership of your comprehensive behavior program.
  • Have ongoing support and encouragement as you encounter new situations.
  • Ask questions and receive guidance when challenges arise.

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate behavioral interventions for effectiveness.
  • How to modify behavior management plans as needed.

Your LMS Coach will:

  • Be available to answer your questions, provide information, and connect you with resources.
  • Provide guidance as you evaluate, modify and implement behavioral strategies to fit your needs.

If your family is affected by a hidden disability, you will learn:

  • How to determine the appropriate level of behavioral support for your child.
  • Alternative strategies to consider when addressing behavioral issues related to the hidden disability.

This plan is typically comprised of one 30-minute phone session per week for four weeks.
Meeting dates and locations will be scheduled based on the clients needs.

The fee for this plan is $175.00 for one month. An initial deposit of $100.00 is required to begin services. The remainder of the fee may be paid in installments as determined by your LMS Coaching Contract.

If you are sure or only suspect that your identity is compromised, please follow the steps below to protect yourself and minimize the actual damage this problem may cause

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