Behavior Management Plan


Our most comprehensive plan, the ABC Behavior-Change Plan is designed for families that are dedicated to fully understanding themselves and the hidden disability affecting their lives, and to developing action plans for successful living.

The focus of this plan is on developing a comprehensive program to address on-going behavioral challenges. Special attention is given to identifying strengths and weaknesses, defining goals, and implementing strategies for attaining those goals. As part of the ABC Behavior-Change Plan, your LMS Coach can provide Comprehensive Program Coordination to ensure on-going communication and consistency among the various service providers working with you and your child.

Choose the ABC Behavior-Change Plan if you want to:

Decrease family stress, help your child behave better, and increase their self-esteem.
Develop consistent, proactive systems to meet your families’ needs.
Increase your understanding of family dynamics.
Focus on improving functional skills within the family unit.
Create an on-going partnership with your child’s service providers (i.e. teachers, doctors)

You will learn:

Strategies for improving communication among family members.
Techniques for developing your child’s social skills.
How to gather and analyze behavioral data.
To identify barriers to changing behavior.
To coordinate intervention services across environments.

Your LMS Coach will:

Help you develop and implement a comprehensive behavior-change plan.
Help you identify possible causes of behavior and select appropriate strategies to address behavior.
Develop a behavior support plan to guide you in adjusting your parent/child interactions based on your child’s unique needs.  Establish an on-going communication and support network between service providers.

If your family is affected by a hidden disability, you will learn:

  • To accept and live with the feelings associated with having a family member with a hidden disability.
  • To dispel myths about the hidden disability and function based on facts.
  • What current research says about the hidden disability.

This plan is typically comprised of two 45-minute face-to-face session per week for the first four weeks and two 30-minute face-to-face sessions per week for the next eight weeks. Adjustments may be made if Comprehensive Program Coordination is a selected service. Meeting dates and locations will be scheduled based on the clients’ needs.

The fee for this plan is $950.00 for three months. An initial deposit of $100.00 is required to begin services. The remainder of the fee may be paid in installments as determined by your LMS Coaching Contract.

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