Balanced Behavior Plan


The Balanced Behavior Plan is designed for the family that needs a period of intense support with a specific short-term goal, or that needs help staying on track and maintaining balance.

The focus is on modifying a current program to address a new behavioral goal, or on maintaining a program while shifting the family focus in a way that creates more balance. Depending on the families needs, special attention will be given to increasing the time spent on individual and family strengths and interests, and/or moving into action.

Choose the Balanced Behavior Plan if you want to:

  • Improve your child’s behavior by focusing on their strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.
  • Guide your child through the processes of self-discovery, emotional growth, and moral development.
  • Integrate the elements of behavior management into your daily family life.
  • Shift from a period of intense focus on one individual to a global perspective of the family unit.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for managing discipline problems.
  • To set simple, specific goals for yourself and your child.
  • To maximize strengths rather than magnify weaknesses.
  • To help your child find ways to excel.
  • To balance the unique needs of the child with the overall needs of the family.

Your LMS Coach will:

  • Help you identify what drives your child’s behavior.
  • Teach you proactive and reactive strategies for managing behavior.
  • Help you set up successful experiences for your child.
  • Guide you in selecting age-appropriate activities to help your child understand their behavior.
  • Help you integrate the unique needs of the child into the daily activities of the family.

If your family is affected by a hidden disability, you will learn:

  • Techniques to manage the negative characteristics of the hidden disability.
  • How to talk to others about your child’s hidden disability.
  • Behavioral therapy techniques approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This plan is typically comprised of two 45-minute face-to-face sessions per week for four weeks. Meeting dates and locations will be scheduled based on the clients’ needs.

The fee for this plan is $420.00 for one month. An initial deposit of $100.00 is required to begin services. The remainder of the fee may be paid in installments as determined by your LMS Coaching Contract.

Image credit alex byland you may be wondering how your advanced students who have already mastered the standards fit into the mix

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