Coaching Process

Unlocking Hidden (dis)Abilities…

The process of evaluation and the journey to establish a successful progression toward “Improving Lives One Strength At A Time,” is different for each person.  It requires an unique approach depending on where the individual is starting from.

Often the route taken to develop a specialized plan is dependant on the kind of environment the individual is coming from when counseling begins(whether they live in a family that never required taking personal responsibilities, for instance, maybe they are coming from a period in their life of rebellion, possibly a lack of authority, or being associated with the wrong kinds of friends).  LMS utilizes a number of techniques that are founded in cognitive behaviorial therapy and this identifies how the behaviors relate to detrimental decisions and consequently distructive life patterns and stress.  Through these determinants, the process begins in which the individual is made aware of the need to reprogram thinking and decision making to strive for success in relationships and performance.  Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on change that effects both the thought process and the behavior together.  CBT is different than talk therapy, which primarily focuses on feelings.

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